Breeding "Viva Dog" FCI
West Highland White Terrier and Russian Bolonka Colorful ZKWP
 We are very proud because we
have confirmed our girls pregnancy Nuka "Viva Dog" FCI
Russian Bolonka Colorful born 06.11.2016 in our home kennel.
Puppies will be born  in the first half June 2019.
Parents will be from a proven association:
Mother: NUKA "Viva Dog" FCI  Ml.Ch.Pl, Ch.Pl
Father: CEZAR "Bon-Ton" Ml.Ch.Pl
Interested persons please contact us on:
Mobile Phone: +48 604 959 069
Home Phone: +48 61 624 15 96
In the near future, we expect the next litters West Highland White Terrier and Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka (Bolonka Colors)

We invite for spending time with we on part